Important Parts: A Coloring Book for the Crotch Enthusiast


WHY this book? 

When you talk about sex for a living, you've gotta have some diagrams. That's where this all started. Heather wanted fun, approachable pictures that celebrate body diversity in a gender inclusive way. 

Her hope is that this book might make you smile - even if you have a complicated relationship with your parts.

WHO is the artist?

Heather Edwards is a pelvic physical therapist and University of Michigan-trained sexuality counselor and educator in western North Carolina. She conducts research and outreach projects in the LGBT, trans/nonbinary, and kink communities. In 2015 she founded Vino & Vulvas, which provided an unexpected outlet for the somewhat odd delight she takes in drawing crotches. 

WHERE can I find these coloring books?

Are you in Asheville? 

The coloring books are available for $12 at all of the Vino & Vulvas eventsClick here for more info. 

They are also carried at VaVaVooom on Broadway Street in downtown Asheville, NC. Click here for more info

They can also be found at the local institution and amazing independent book store, Malaprops, in downtown Asheville, NC. Click here for more info. 

Downtown Books & News, another Asheville local wonder, carries them as well! Click here for more info. 

If you’re in west Asheville, you can grab your copy at Firestorm!

Online purchasing:

Want to still support local and independent booksellers but you don’t live in Asheville? Check out IndieBound! They’ll hook you up with a copy at your own independent book store in your community!

Also available on Amazon, now!


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