Take the Transgender Pelvic Health Survey

Research shows that transgender individuals experience numerous barriers to health care. When patients are teaching care providers about their bodies, health care is suboptimal. This situation could be resolved by increasing the knowledge of health care providers about transgender health-related issues. Unfortunately there isn’t yet adequate transgender pelvic health research (pelvic physical therapy, urology, gynecology) available to health care providers. This survey aims to start changing that.

This study, approved by Nova Southeastern University, seeks to make connections between bladder, bowel, and sexual pelvic health issues and social, hormonal, surgical, and behavioral concerns that are specific to the trans, intersex, and genderqueer populations. We hope this new research will:

• Generate data that allows care providers to more accurately identify pelvic health risks and improve
diagnostic procedures.

• Create better care plans by linking transgender pelvic health concerns to similar patterns in the
cisgender population currently receiving evidence-based treatment.

• Identify specific gaps in knowledge of transgender pelvic health issues that require further research.