You’ve been asking for it… we’ve been listening…



  • Are you interested in attending our events but the logistics make it hard?

  • Do you need AASECT CEUs and you want something different than traditional online courses?

  • Are you interested in the sexual health field and want to start working on getting credits for your AASECT certification?

Join once and get access to:

  • V&V events starting with April 2019

  • Extra interviews with panelists and hosts

  • Audio downloads from some V&V events from 2015-2018 (as they become available)

  • Chance to watch a video and then get AASECT CE credits to count toward your certification or as part of your education leading up to AASECT certification application

Because we’re just getting this started and there is not much content yet, we’re going to give our early birds a sweet treat. Join for the intro rate of $35 and get in on an early deal before prices go up when we have a more substantial amount of content. All the V&V’s you want to watch with continued access for only $35 (less than the price of two tickets).

For all of you that have been asking, “When will this be online?”, “Can I bring this to my town?”, “Will you please record that?”… we’ve got you hooked up. Thanks for being so sweetly persistent! Here’s your chance!