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I Thought It Was Just Me... Tales of Sexual Development

Learn how our sexual selves change throughout our lifetime, and laugh about the many "WTF??" moments along the way. Join our panelists, Kelley Wolfe, Ph.D. and Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D., with host, Heather Edwards, PT to talk about this wild journey of sexual development.  

A good, collective laugh can be cathartic. In this discussion we'll talk about sexual development and hopefully let you shake off some "Am I normal to have experienced this?!?" worries. 

This talk is also a good one for parents who might want a little insight into how their kiddos are discovering their own bodies in ways that might lead to some awkward discussions. Kelley and Chelsea will help point you in the right direction!

Panelists: Kelley Wolfe, Ph.D. and Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D.

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

Earlier Event: March 30
The Sexual Spirit