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Sneeze Without Leaking and Have Better Sex!

Did you know that there's an entire specialty of health care devoted to solving a multitude of sexual issues, fixing urinary leakage (even just though cough and sneeze kind), doing detective work on pelvic pain, alleviating bowel issues, and making sure bladders and uteruses stay put? And they do it all without drugs or surgery! 

Meet your local Pelvic Physical Therapists! Come and hear a lively discussion about all of the unique things that these therapists can do, ask questions, and figure out how to find them when/if you need them. Learn to love your pelvis for all of the amazing things it's always been able to do, but you've likely never known. 

Panelists: Heather Edwards, PT, Founder of Vino&Vulvas and Melanie Sutton, PT, DPT, MHS, GCS, WCS, CLT

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola