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Crossing Forbidden Thresholds

Are you hiding? Closets come in all shapes and sizes. It's hard to shine when you're spending so much energy convincing others you are something other than your authentic self. Though some may run into the wild unknown with reckless abandon, for many, it can be brutally difficult to step over that threshold. 

In preparation for Pride as well as Coming Out Day, let's have a talk about the weight of big life decisions and what it takes to step out of your closet… whatever it may be. What are those voices of warning and how do you negotiate with them? Join Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D. and author of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty, and the upcoming book, In Search of Aphrodite and Rev. DiAnna Ritola in a conversation that is sure to make you think, make you laugh, and make you shine a little brighter. 

Panelists: Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D. and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards, PT