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Goodbye Sexual Stereotypes!!

After a while in a relationship, sex just isn't as important anymore, right? In a relationship, there should be a "top" and a "bottom" when it comes to sex. People over 60 don't have sex as often as younger people, do they? Women don't have as high as libidos as men, right? Men ALWAYS want sex! After women have babies, they just aren't interested in sex because they're dealing with the baby all day long, right? Women can't have "real sex" with other women because no one has a penis! If people are completely uninterested in sex, that's definitely a problem, isn't it? Vanilla is just boring. BDSM is dangerous! Teens are irresponsible and unable to make smart decisions about sexual partners. And the list goes on and on… 

Chelsea and Aleece are more than excited to dive into the topic and set the record straight! Hopefully they'll help set you free of some of the stereotypes you didn't realize you were holding yourself to as well. Looking forward to seeing you at this event! Let's get real and give societal norms a serious smack down! 

Panelists: Aleece Fosnight, PA-C and Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D., LCSW

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola