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Field Guide For Your Crotch - For Trans Guys

Location: Firestorm Books on Haywood Road, Asheville, NC

TO CLARIFY THE INTENDED AUDIENCE: This workshop is for only trans men and genderqueer people who were assigned female at birth. I appreciate the interest from allies and cis-gender people wanting to learn more about this topic, but in order to keep a safe space, we ask for the audience to only be those who are specified. If you are a trans man and you would really like to bring your partner or close friend for support, that would be fine. 

The crotch… Not only do we pee, poo, and have sex with it, but there are also all sorts of muscles, nerves, and bones that work together to keep it functioning well. That doesn’t even capture the ridiculous annoyance of crotch itch or weird rashes or bumps that come up!

Lucky for you, some of us devote our careers to answering crotch questions for the general public. Because of the gendered nature of these questions, we get that it can be uncomfortable to talk about your crotch when your anatomy doesn’t represent you. Or perhaps, now maybe it does but a little more orientation might be nice. This discussion is for men and genderqueer folks who were assigned female at birth.

We’ll talk shop about issues such as:

·      Crotch itch and irritation

·      What you’re drinking and how it affects your bladder

·      Urinary leakage, urgency, and retention

·      Constipation, gas, and difficulty with bowel control

·      Pelvic pain and tightness

·      Sexual function issues

·      Hormone effects on your crotch and it’s function

You will come away from this workshop with knowledge on:

·      How to figure out if a crotch issue can be managed at home or if you need medical attention

·      How to use your pelvic muscles to help you out with pee, poo, and sex

·      How to manage what you’re drinking to avoid having to go pee at inconvenient times

·      How to poop better and not have to strain (which, believe it or not, can help your bladder function as well)

·      Weigh pros and cons of different hormone types

·      How to manage sex pain and have a better understanding of any “is this normal??” concerns

·      Understand health risks of various sex acts and kinks and how to minimize your risk


There will be planned time at the end for you all to ask any questions you want in an anonymous way. You can, of course, ask directly too, but discretion will be provided for your comfort.


Tell us how we can do better!!

A trans pelvic health survey project will be kicking off soon. We’re looking for input on the survey! Help us to make sure we’re not missing any gaps that are of concern to you so that moving forward, as this (hopefully) gets published, it will be a source for your health care providers to have a better understanding of trans bodies and for researchers to ask better questions regarding trans pelvic health.

What’s the cost?

This is a FREE discussion. We certainly would suggest bringing a little money to get some snacks or books from Firestorm so that they can keep hosting great community events!

Heather Edwards, PT (pelvic)
Aleece Fosnight, PA-C (urology)
Grace Evins, MD (OB/GYN), FACOG