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How To Be a Woman

How does one learn how to be a woman? What does that even mean? Some of it's biological, right? Maybe a lot of that "how you were raised" stuff? What messages are we getting from all around us about what being a woman is all about?  What is just cultural? How do hormones effect it? 

We're doing to dig into this topic for a fun exchange of ideas. This panel will be made up of trans and cis women who have fantastic variations of their gender expression and different lived experiences. Come join us to challenge your thoughts on what it means to be a woman in 2017. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell (local sex therapist and frequent panelist), Brynn Estelle, (local trans organizer), and Michele Fitzsimmons (FDNY fire captain)

Host: Heather Edwards, V&V founder, local pelvic PT

Later Event: August 28
How To Be a Man