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Saying 'Screw It' to Gender Binary


In 2017 we covered "How to Be a Woman" and "How to Be a Man". Those titles, of course, were a load of crap because there is no one way to be anything. But even setting those topics up was going along with the binary gender code (which we knew, and were just playing with). But now... now we're going to hear the stories of those who opt out of that binary gender stuff. This talk will open your eyes and your mind to what you think of your own gender, but also to start seeing others differently when it comes to gender identity. 

Panelist: Tuesday Vee, MA, NCC and Stephen Wiseman, LCSW, and Catie Beaulieu, MA, MBA, LPC, CPT

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sexuality Counselor, Vino & Vulvas Founder

Location: The Block Off Biltmore, Asheville, NC (parking available in the municipal lot at the corner of Spruce & Marjorie Streets or at Aloft)


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