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Affairs: An Honest Conversation


Betrayals, infidelity, affairs, cheating... ugh. Whether it's an emotional breach of trust or a big physical boundary crossing, we're going to talk about it from multiple angles... because there are always more than one side to each story. Let's take a step back from the big emotions felt with betrayal in a specific relationship and talk about what's going on beneath it all. We'll discuss the difference between affairs and consensual nonmonogamy, the expectations that are placed on long-term relationships, libido mismatches, and what sex has (or doesn't have) to do with it all. And best of all - we'll talk about how to move forward after an affair happens. 

Panelists: Kelley Johnson, Ph.D., Sex Educator; Eric Belsterling, LPC, CSAT; and Pia Arrendell, LMFT

Host: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed, LMFT, AASECT certified Sex Therapist

Earlier Event: February 26
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