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Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

You've probably noticed that sex is a big deal. We'll dig into ancient wisdom and modern understanding of sexuality and the creative forces that push us to love, connect, and destroy for the purpose of rebirth.

Many of the most inspirational natural phenomena are courtship rituals. From bugs, to flowers, to birds, to trees, to humans. While sex might not actually make the world go round... it sure is the driving force for life. We've known this for a long time. These panelists have some serious creds to break this topic down. 

Panelists: Kara Catrelle, LCSW, Vedic Astrologer, Jungian-based Sex Therapist, Debbie Meitz, MD, "Tantra Doctor" and Taylor Johnson, Tantra Educator

Host: Jamie Brazell, MA, LMFT, AASECT certified Sex Therapist

Location: 6:30-9:30 at The Block off Biltmore

Tickets $10 in advance or $15 cash at the door. If you can't swing the $10, send us a message and we can hook you up. We get it... every has tough money stuff sometimes. Don't let it keep you from some great sex positive talk.