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Relationship Structures: Monogamy to Polyamory


True or False? If you’re in a romantic relationship, there are currently two different models that you can choose. Tried and true monogamy, or upcoming and daring polyamory. Because those two things are VERY different.

If you chose “true”, you should consider attending this talk. (If you chose “false” you’re already well on your way to soaking up all the good stuff we’ll be digging into.) Because we’re going to call BS on the whole damn thing. We’re going to talk about all of the different ways people have figured out how to have relationships within monogamy as well as the huge array of options that can be considered polyamory. And believe it or not, there’s some overlap!

Date: Monday, July 29th 7-9pm

Location: UpCountry Brewing, West Asheville

Panelists: Tikva Wolf, Educator, Author, and Artist of Kimchi Comics, Kathryn Shanks, LPCA, Bernie Newton, MS, LPC, LSAT, Sex Therapist and Educator

Host: Heather Edwards, Pelvic PT, AASECT Certified Sex Counselor, Sex Educator, V&V Founder

Tickets: $15 in advance and $20 at the door. If you are unable to afford a ticket, please send us a message and we will likely be able to hook you up. We don’t want anyone to miss out on some great sex ed. But we also want to support our sex educators!

Do you REALLY want to attend this one but you’re out of town or this doesn’t work for your schedule? You can now watch our shows online! They’ll be posted about a week after filming. Check it out by clicking the button below!

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