Our Mission: 


The mission of Vino & Vulvas is to invite community between cross-disciplinary sexual health providers and the public, and to create conversation that encompasses the depth of inclusive human sexuality.

Vino & Vulvas

Edgy. Inclusive. Informative.


What is Vino & Vulvas?

Vino & Vulvas is a monthly event with roots in Asheville, NC. It creates a space for education, curiosity, and pushing the conversation of sex past limits of heteronormativity, gender binary, white-normativity, and vanilla-normativity.  We are a group of pelvic health specialists, sex therapists, sex educators, and counselors who will be having panel discussions with time for questions on a  plethora of topics centered around sexual wellbeing. 

We provide an open space for talking about challenging topics that are often taboo. We meet in a public venue to get out of the shadows and create an open community where all of us (women, men, genderqueer, trans, gay, straight, bisexual, experienced, newbies, kinky, vanilla, young, mature, all races etc.) can laugh and learn more about our sexual selves. We can start to bridge the gap between sexual healing practices, medical sexual health, and sex therapy. It's sure to be an exciting journey. Have a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or a snack and enjoy some edgy, inclusive, and informative conversation. I hope you join us!

Do I need a ticket or a membership?

We're expanding V&V and using the money to support our mission of inclusive, sex positive, talk about sexual health and relationships. Our event is expanding to cities across the country so that we can discuss the same topic on the same evening all across the USA. Your ticket purchase helps us reach more people and support therapists, counselors, and educators across the country. 

Show up a little early to order at the bar, have a seat, listen, laugh, discuss, then grab another drink for the Q&A! 

Is it just for women?

No! While we do certainly have themes that center on vulvas and feminine things, this group is open to everyone. We subscribe to the idea (so beautifully put by Allison Moon of "Girl Sex 101") that not all girls have vulvas and not all vulvas have girls. Wherever you fall in the spectrums of anatomy and gender, there's something for you here if you're game to explore with us. It's certainly a work in progress with learning how to talk in more inclusive and less heteronormative ways, but Wow! is it an exciting challenge! 

Here's how it works:

  • 6:30-7:00 Get there. Get your snacks and drinks. Meet some cool people (including the panelists). Get settled in to your spot. 
  • 7:00-8:00 The host interviews the panelists about the topic of the night. It's not staged or practiced... just legit conversation.  We ask that audience members not jump in with questions or comments during this part. 
  • 8:00-8:15 Break! Turn in your anonymous questions and comments, talk to your neighbors and refresh your drink. 
  • 8:15-9:00 Anonymous Q&A. The host will read the questions and the panelists answer.  It is really important that we avoid cross talk. No one is coming to this event to be fixed by the rest of the group. So, if someone does happen so throw themselves out there in a vulnerable way, please allow the panelists to field the questions. Though I am sure that there are amazing comments that are bubbling under the surface in so many of our audience members, the truth is that there is only rapport developed with the panelists and they are the ones to whom the questions are addressed. 
  • If the panelists know some expert advice lies in the audience, we might pitch one of the questions to that person while introducing who that person is and what they specialize in… but that's the decision of the host and panelists. Makes sense, right? No one wants random people jumping in and answering their questions. 
  • The venue is a public space, which means that random people and tourists walk through at any time (usually when we make some absurdly wacky comment about masturbation, it seems). Because of this, the way we keep the space safe is by not allowing comments from the audience, and having our Q&A time done as anonymously as possible. We like to avoid vulnerability hangovers whenever possible. 
  • 9:00-9:30 "Afterglow" cocktail time to further discuss your thoughts on the discussion with other audience members and the panelists. 
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THANK YOU to our sponsors and our sex positive community who help make this event happen! 

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