2018 Saying 'Screw It' to Gender Binary Panel at The Block off Biltmore, Asheville, NC with Tuesday Vee, Stephen Wiseman, and Catie Beaulieu   

2018 Saying 'Screw It' to Gender Binary Panel at The Block off Biltmore, Asheville, NC with Tuesday Vee, Stephen Wiseman, and Catie Beaulieu



August 2018: Let's Keep Screwing Until We Die... Please? 

The image of sexuality that we have in the US right now is most usually between two young, beautiful, healthy, able-bodied, beautiful people. People tend to get a little grossed out when it's mentioned that their parents (or heaven forbid, GRANDparents) have sex. But at the same time, no one really wants to think about what age is too old for them to be having a healthy, active sex life. So, what's the answer? What age is too old? How sick is too sick? What level of sexual dysfunction is too significant? 

That's what we're going to talk about this month. Our panelists will talk to us about ways that we can make our sexuality more resilient as we go through life and undoubtedly face varied challenges to our intimate relationships. We'll dive into impacts of chronic illness and disability as well. We've got a urologist to help us break down the physical issues and what can be done. We've got Aleece who is always a wealth of knowledge on sexual medicine. And we've got a sex coach whose passion lies in helping LGBT folks in the aging population. It's going to be a great night! 

Panelists: Brooks Hooper, MD, Urologist, and Iva Veazy, Sexuality Coach, Aleece Fosnight, urology PA, AASECT Sexuality Counselor and Educator

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Michigan Trained Sexuality Counselor and Educator, V&V Founder

August 2018: V&V Extra: When Sex is an "Ouch!"

"... but everyone said it would hurt the first time... when does that stop?"

"His penis is just too big. I'm very small down there."

"I just try to get through it and not say anything because I don't want him to cheat on me"

"I just can't relax since the unwanted experience"

"Since I started taking T, my vagina is not as comfortable as it used to be"

Did you know that 3 out of 4 cis gender women have reported feeling unwanted pain with sex at some point in their lives (and we don't know the stats for trans/nonbinary folks with vaginas)? That's a lot. Enough to make people feel like it's normal if they bring it up in conversation with friends. But guess what! There are teams of professionals that deal with this. Want to meet them and hear what they have to say after years of working with people who have pain with sex? 

This is a special V&V (in addition to our regularly scheduled August event) and we are damn lucky to have Tracy Sher, MPT and CEO of Pelvic Guru and Sher Pelvic Health and Healing on our panel. Tracy in an international pelvic health instructor and pelvic physical therapist. She is brilliant and dynamic and will be an absolute joy to have on the panel. Additionally, we have Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D, LSCW, AASECT Sex Therapist in town to joint this panel! For those of you who attended V&V back in 2015-2016, Chelsea was a regular on our panel until she moved to Little Rock to head their department for relationship counseling. She is the author of In Search of Aphrodite and Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty and is full of truth-bombs to drop in any conversation I've ever had with her. They will be joined by our local sexual health superstar, Aleece Fosnight, urology PA-C, AASECT certified Sex Counselor and Educator. If you're looking for a conversation about painful sex that will bring the knowledge from all angles... this is where you want to be. 

Tickets for purchase here. Tickets are $15 and are available online or at the door (cash at the door, please!). If you attended Pelvic Guru Boot Camp in Greenville, SC Aug 17-19, your admission is FREE! Also, (as always) if you really want to be there but can't afford a ticket, just send V&V a message and we'll help you out.

This event will be at UpCountry Brewing in West Asheville. Full menu and bar provided throughout the entire event! 

Panelists: Tracy Sher, pelvic PT, CEO of Pelvic Guru (www.pelvicguru.com); Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D, LCSW, AASECT Sex Therapist; Aleece Fosnight, urology PA-C, AASECT Sex Counselor and Educator (Extended bios HERE)

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sex Counselor and Educator, V&V Founder

July 2018: Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

You've probably noticed that sex is a big deal. We'll dig into ancient wisdom and modern understanding of sexuality and the creative forces that push us to love, connect, and destroy for the purpose of rebirth.

Many of the most inspirational natural phenomena are courtship rituals. From bugs, to flowers, to birds, to trees, to humans. While sex might not actually make the world go round... it sure is the driving force for life. We've known this for a long time. These panelists have some serious creds to break this topic down. 

Panelists: Kara Catrelle, LCSW, Vedic Astrologer, Jungian-based Sex Therapist, Debbie Meitz, MD, "Tantra Doctor" and Taylor Johnson, Tantra Educator

Host: Jamie Brazell, MA, LMFT, AASECT certified Sex Therapist

June 2018: All Things Queer About Sex

While we certainly would need more than two hours to cover ALL things queer about sex, we're going to do our best to get through some pretty great highlights. This talk will be full of perspectives on sexuality, sex, and relationships that are much more common in queer world than straight world. If you're straight, you don't want to miss it because it's likely going to open your eyes to some perspectives that might be pretty far outside your box but you'll see they can be applied with some pretty awesome results. If you're queer, you might have that same experience, or you might have quite a few YAAASSS!!! moments in hearing pieces of your truth spoken out loud in a public forum. We'll do our best to cover topics such as:  coming out, dating, long term relationships, types of relationships (monogamy-polyamory), kink... all from a queer lens. Oh, and some of your favorite panelists will be back and you'll even get to see a new face or two up there as well! Don't miss it! 

Panelists: Tuesday Vee, Counselor, Tranzmission Support Programs Director; Taylor Walker, LCSW-A, LCAS-A; Bernie Newton, MS, LPC, CSAT, Michigan Trained Sex Therapist; Jenny Shealy, MSW, LCSW

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sexuality Counselor, Sexuality Educator, V&V Founder

June 2018: V&V Presents: Keeping Your Bits Safe with Kinky Play

This is something new we're trying. This V&V is going to be more of a workshop with some great advice for medical professionals or mental professionals to take away and use with their clients on how to advise when kinky behavior or BDSM practice might seem at odds with a pelvic health concern. (AASECT credits will be provided for anyone interested.) It's also going to be a great talk for anyone in the BDSM and kink scene who want to learn more about pelvic health concerns with various practices. There will be a time for anonymous Q&A as well so the questions can be as detailed as desired without anyone having to give away any personal details. 

Presenters: Aleece Fosnight, PA-C, CSC, CSE and Heather Edwards, PT, Sexuality Counselor, V&V Founder

May 2018: All About Vulvas

If you have a vulva, love a vulva, or just find bodies fascinating... this talk is for you. We've got a sex therapist asking questions to medical professionals that work with vulvas from multiple perspectives. We'll be talking about the skin of the vulva and the lining of the vagina... we'll cover sexual function and tie the urinary system into it... we'll discuss the muscles that help make everything work. We'll discuss what "normal" is and what issues are problematic and how to get them corrected. All of the panelists (and the host) are local providers that are happy to be on your team or get you pointed in the right direction. 

So, come on out and get curious! 

Also, because the topic is VULVAS, that tends to translate to "women's health". This talk is going to be trans and nonbinary inclusive. We'll talk about different terms for talking to your medical provider when "vulva" doesn't feel true, but you still have an issue in that area. We'll also talk a bit about new-to-you vulvas. Everyone is welcome and we'll do our best to address vulvas in a way that in not ONLY for cis women. 

Panelists: Kiran Sigmon, MD, GYN, MAHEC Vulvar Pain Clinic;  Aleece Fosnight, urology PA-C, AASECT Sex Counselor and Educator, Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sex Counselor and Educator

Host: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed, LMFT, AASECT Sex Therapist

April 2018: The How's and Why's of Touching Yourself

In 2017, the most requested topic was masturbation. We put on our event and had VaVaVooom come by and bring a bunch of samples and toys for show and tell. It was a blast. 

And we're doing it again... EXCEPT: This year we're talking about masturbation with all kinds of anatomy - not just vulvas. We'll bring a new angle to thoughts of self-pleasure and discuss it with a wider lens. Why does it come more naturally some than others? What do hormones have to do with it? When is it problematic? For whom should it be encouraged? Are there bad habits one can get into? Does it affect your ability to get off with a partner? So much to cover!

And... VaVaVooom will be there again with a sampling of toys for ALL GENDERS! They will be doing demonstrations in the bar 6:30-7:00 and 9:00-9:30 and I promise you, it will be a ton of fun. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed., LMFT, AASECT certified Sex Therapist;  Bernie Newton, LPC, Sex Therapist; Aleece Fosnight, PA-C urology, AASECT certified Sex Counselor and Educator

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sex Counselor and Educator

March 2018: Affairs: An Honest Conversation

Betrayals, infidelity, affairs, cheating... ugh. Whether it's an emotional breach of trust or a big physical boundary crossing, we're going to talk about it from multiple angles... because there are always more than one side to each story. Let's take a step back from the big emotions felt with betrayal in a specific relationship and talk about what's going on beneath it all. We'll discuss the difference between affairs and consensual nonmonogamy, the expectations that are placed on long-term relationships, libido mismatches, and what sex has (or doesn't have) to do with it all. And best of all - we'll talk about how to move forward after an affair happens. 

Panelists: Kelley Johnson, Ph.D., Sex Educator; Eric Belsterling, LPC, CSAT; and Pia Arrendell, LMFT

Host: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed, LMFT, AASECT certified Sex Therapist

February 2018: Much to Know About the Big O

Are you ready for an orgasm talk unlike any you've heard before? We're going to make sure you understand the basics of how bodies work when they're all hot and bothered. We'll talk about what's normal and what's not when it comes to pleasure and discuss how they might be different depending on one's body (ALL bodies). Other exciting orgasmic ponderings: Can we screw it all up by putting too much pressure on climax? Do they change as we age? What affects our ability to come? Is it true that ANYONE can be multi-orgasmic? What's the deal with the G-spot and female ejaculation? Does communication have anything to do with it? What exactly does a prostate do? Are there really different types of orgasms? Can everyone orgasm? And of course, we'll push it a little further and share tantric tips on orgasmic bliss. It's going to be a fun night that you won't want to miss! 

Panelists: Kara Catrelle, LCSW, Angela Wilkers, LMFT and Dr. Doris Gordon, PhD, ABPP, CST, AASECT certified Sex Therapist

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, V&V founder

January 2018: Saying "Screw It" to Gender Binary

In 2017 we covered "How to Be a Woman" and "How to Be a Man". Those titles, of course, were a load of crap because there is no one way to be anything. But even setting those topics up was going along with the binary gender code (which we knew, and were just playing with). But now... now we're going to hear the stories of those who opt out of that binary gender stuff. This talk will open your eyes and your mind to what you think of your own gender, but also to start seeing others differently when it comes to gender identity. 

Panelist: Tuesday Vee, MA, NCC and Stephen Wiseman, LCSW, and Catie Beaulieu, MA, MBA, LPC, CPT

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sexuality Counselor, Vino & Vulvas Founder

October 2017: I Don't Know How to Say This But...

There are a lot of people out there that kind of suck at being about actually say what you need. Maybe it's hard to even figure out what it is that you need! Are you one of them? Do you tend to date these people or are you partnered with one? Maybe you've already had sex and maybe you haven't, but you still haven't actually TALKED about it. Do you come from really different backgrounds and it's hard to bridge the gap? How do you break open that conversation of "this works for me" or "that really turns me off". How do you introduce a kink to someone who might not be into that sort of thing? How to you talk to your kids about sex when you don't feel like you know all that much either? What if you've got some body image stuff that you really hate to talk about but it can make intimacy go all sorts of wrong if it doesn't get acknowledged? What is THAT THING that is so hard for you to say?

Lucky for you we, here at V&V, revel in talking about really awkward stuff. We would love to break it down with you and give you some tips on how to have that tricky conversation. 

If you're brave, bring a first date. We promise not to put you on the spot. 

Panelists: Kelley Johnson, PhD, Sex Educator, Taylor Walker, LCSW-A and LCAS-A, Bernie Newton, MSMFT, LPC, CSAT

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Sex Counselor, Founder of V&V

September 2017: Why Stop at One?

Relationships take many varied forms, and they have throughout history. This idea of one monogamous relationship for 50+ years is a relatively new thing, yet it gets placed on a pedestal. Would you like to learn about the bigger picture of what relationships can look like? Join us for a talk that will cover consentual nonmonogamy, polyamory, open relationship, "monogamish" relationships, jealously, attachment, and all off that gritty stuff that makes us human. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed., LMFT, CST, Taylor Johnson, and Kenya K. Stevens, polyamory specialist, coach, founder of JujuMama Love Academy

Host: Aleece Fosnight, PA-C, CSC, CSE

August 2017: How to Be a Man

This is going to be a fun panel. We're going to talk to trans and cis men with various gender expressions from masculine to femme and get the story about what they learned about masculinity growing up and how it's affected their gender identity as an adult. We'll dig into all that good nature vs. nurture stuff and talk about how presenting masculine or feminine changes some parts of the world for people. Prepare for some thought provoking discussion. This talk is for all genders to attend! 

Panelists: Papillon DeBoer, LPCA, Zeke Christopoulos, Founder of Tranzmission, and Drew Potter, Mankind Project

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Vino & Vulvas Founder

July 2017: How to Be a Woman

How does one learn how to be a woman? What does that even mean? Some of it's biological, right? Maybe a lot of that "how you were raised" stuff? What messages are we getting from all around us about what being a woman is all about?  What is just cultural? How do hormones effect it? 

We're doing to dig into this topic for a fun exchange of ideas. This panel will be made up of trans and cis women who have fantastic variations of their gender expression and different lived experiences. Come join us to challenge your thoughts on what it means to be a woman in 2017. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell (local sex therapist and frequent panelist), Brynn Estelle, (local trans organizer), and Michele Fitzsimmons (FDNY fire captain)

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Vino & Vulvas Founder

June 2017: Queer Anatomy and Kinky Medical Questions

Sick of the heteronormative narrative? Tired of not knowing how to discuss certain sexual or genital topics with your doctors because you don't want to set yourself up for judgement? Are you a health care provider who feels stuck with asking the question, "Are you sexually active?" as a screen? Heather and Aleece are going to talk you through non-gendered ways of discussing genital anatomy and more effective ways of talking about sexual concerns. We’ll address kink issues as well. Whether you’re a patient or a provider, we’ll give you some ideas on how to make your sexual health discussion more inclusive and less awkward.

Panelists: Heather Edwards, Pelvic PT and Aleece Fosnight, PA-C (urology), CSC, CSE

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola

April 2017: Own Your Darkness with BDSM

We all have baggage that we have to manage in this journey of life. Some of it's fairly manageable with a little self help, some good conversations with friends, a good workout, or perhaps counseling sessions. Sometimes there's some baggage that needs a little more attention and might have a sexual nature to it. There might not be a lot of satisfying pathways for learning how to work through this stuff in a healthy, nondestructive manner. BDSM can, interestingly, offer a way of dealing with some complicated issues in a way that provides safe rules, boundaries, and control. DiAnna and Kara will be discussing how BDSM role play can be used to integrate the parts of us that we try to keep suppressed but can pop  out in ways that can be destructive. This will be a challenging and thought provoking discussion open to those that are complete BDSM novices or are experts.  

Panelist: Kara Catrelle, LCSW, Jungian-based Psychotherapist

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola

March 2017: The RIGHT Kind of Orgasms

The right kind of orgasm? Well, any kind of orgasm, of course! Come (pun intended) and listen to our experts orgasmically enlighten you! We'll talk about the different types and get nerdy about some anatomy stuff. We'll cover orgasms that you give yourself and those you have with a partner. Most importantly, you'll hopefully walk away with some tips on how to get the most out of your sexual pleasure. This talk will be geared toward XX anatomy, but we'll probably talk about some XY stuff as well and we will certainly be trans inclusive (and try to address anything that would fall into the GNC or intersex categories as they come up). It's going to be a fun night! 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell, LMFT, Sex Therapist;  Aleece Fosnight, PA - Urology, Sex Counselor and Educator, Kara Catrelle, LCSW, Jungian Psychotherapist

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Vino & Vulvas Founder

February 2017: Awkward Sex Conversations

You're on a date, it's pretty early in the relationship, and you haven't yet discussed sex. Maybe you've already had sex and maybe you haven't, but you still haven't actually TALKED about it. How do you break open that conversation of "this works for me" or "that really turns me off". How do you introduce a kink to someone who might not be into that sort of thing? What if you've got some body image stuff that you really hate to talk about but it can make intimacy go all sorts of wrong if it doesn't get acknowledged? Are there mismatches that can be worked with and some that are deal breakers? How do you know if you're going to be compatible?

Lucky for you we, here at V&V, revel in talking about really awkward stuff. We would love to break it down with you and give you some tips on how to have that vulnerable conversation with someone you might not know very well.

If you're brave, bring a first date. We promise not to put you on the spot. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed., LMFT, Sex Therapist and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Vino & Vulvas Founder

December 2016: Dancing with Your Shadow to Save The F---ing World

No small talk here. We're digging in because there's no time to lose. 

Creative fierceness comes from being whole. Shadows are the parts of our personalities that our conscious minds don’t claim. Integrating our dark with our light can knock down walls that limit our potential. The puritanical foundation of American culture puts a great deal of sexual junk in our shadows, and the national conversation has lately been full of mental gymnastics to explain away this obvious theme.

So let’s cut the crap and learn how to look at the fear, shame, sexism, racism, and anger that hold us back. In the process, we get to stop contributing to this big ol' messy cultural shadow and grow into our biggest, most badass selves.

"…you find your genius by looking in the mirror of your life. Your visible image shows your inner truth, so when you're estimating others, what you see is what you get. It therefore becomes critically important to see generously, or you will get only what you see; to see sharply, so that you discern the mix of traits rather than a generalized lump; and to see deeply into dark shadows, or else you will be deceived." - James Hillman. The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling

Lighter, sassier Vino and Vulvas topics will be back soon… but right now we’ve got some business to tend to. 

Panelist: Kara Catrelle, LCSW, Jungian-based Psychotherapist

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Vino & Vulvas Founder

November 2016: That's Sexual Assault!, *Facepalm*, Repeat. 

Election season has been full of surprises (each crappier than the previous), but one that most of us were not anticipating was getting an education on what emotional abuse, rape culture, and sexual assault look like when condoned and dismissed on the national stage. I know many of us have had to deal with difficult stuff as the national conversation swirls around topics that hit too close to home. Women are being degraded, and men are being assigned roles in that degradation that do not apply to the majority of them. Join us the night before the election to talk about these difficult topics and discussing the GOOD that can come from having it forced so viscerally into the public stage. We're moving forward from here! Let's join up and give each other some love and support. 

This event (like all of our events) is open to the public and is inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations. Teens are welcome to attend this event as well. 

Panelists: Kelley Johnson, PhD (Sex Positive Nation); Jamie Brazell, MA, LMFT (Out of The Woods Therapy); Papillon DeBoer, LPCA (Agency of Change and Our Voice) 

Host: Heather Edwards, pelvic PT, Vino & Vulvas Founder

October 2016: Things To Put In Your Vagina

Hormones, lubricants, moisturizers… Do you know the difference? There are lots of different products for different functions. We'll talk about what does what and discuss sex toys that can be used to help improve the health of your vagina and pelvic floor as well. We'll also cover use of dilators, pessaries, and period products to help demystify all of these pelvic health options. 

Panelists: Grace Evins, MD (GYN), FACOG, Aleece Fosnight, PA (urology), Sexuality Counselor and Educator. 

Special Guest: Lisa Ziemer, Owner of VaVaVooom (and she's bringing toys and lube samples!!)

Host: Heather Edwards, Pelvic PT

September 2016: Finally! A BIG Masturbation Talk

This has been the most requested V&V topic. Though we feel as if we discuss it in some regard nearly every month; this time we're just going all in. Masturbation! Jillin' off! Double clicking your mouse! Yes, an entire V&V to talk about as many different perspectives and likely technical suggestions as we can fit into 2 hours. Though we'll certainly focus on bodies with vulvas, there will be much more to this talk than what to do with what parts. We'll discuss masculine energies as well as feminine energies. There will be something for everyone regardless of what's between your legs and where you identify on the feminine/masculine spectrum. This is going to be epic. 

Panelists: Rev. DiAnna Ritola and Aleece Fosnight, PA, Sexuality Counselor and Educator

Host: Heather Edwards,  Pelvic PT

August 2016: I Can't Feel Sexy When My Body Is...

Too fat? Too skinny? Weird skin thing going on? Differently abled? Don't feel at home in your own skin? Body image issues can span a wide range and have a big impact on our intimate relationships.

Do you ever tell yourself that you'll feel better in your body when you lose those 10 pounds? Or perhaps you'd be able to enjoy sex more if you weren't worried about how your belly looks when you're on top? Do you have a medical condition that affects how you feel about your body? 

Body image issues affect all genders and (as always) everyone is welcome to attend this event. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell, MA, LMFT and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

July 2016: Goodbye Sexual Stereotypes!

After a while in a relationship, sex just isn't as important anymore, right? In a relationship, there should be a "top" and a "bottom" when it comes to sex. People over 60 don't have sex as often as younger people, do they? Women don't have as high as libidos as men, right? Men ALWAYS want sex! After women have babies, they just aren't interested in sex because they're dealing with the baby all day long, right? Women can't have "real sex" with other women because no one has a penis! If people are completely uninterested in sex, that's definitely a problem, isn't it? Vanilla is just boring. BDSM is dangerous! Teens are irresponsible and unable to make smart decisions about sexual partners. And the list goes on and on… 

Chelsea and Aleece are more than excited to dive into the topic and set the record straight! Hopefully they'll help set you free of some of the stereotypes you didn't realize you were holding yourself to as well. Looking forward to seeing you at this event! Let's get real and give societal norms a serious smack down! 

Panelists: Aleece Fosnight, PA-C and Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D., LCSW

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola

June 2016: Passion and Sex When You're Already Knocked Up

There are so many myths and expectations around pregnancy and sex. "Sex is great when you're pregnant! You'll want it all the time!" "I didn't want to be touched at all when I was pregnant, it was exhausting and I hurt!" This discussion will cover all of the basics of sex and passion during pregnancy. So, whatever gender you are, if you are pregnant, have been pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or have a partner in one of those categories, come on out for this talk!

Panelists: Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. and Jamie Brazell, M.Ed, LMFT

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

May 2016: Unpack Your Emotional Baggage (Without Scaring The Crap Out of Your Partner)

It can be pretty darn challenging to figure out to unload your bombshell of a past to a new partner without worrying that you're going to send them running away from all of your frantically waving red flags. But it doesn't have to be that way. It can be done mindfully and in a way that helps your developing relationship thrive. We might as well use the big scary stuff to secure a better foundation because it would just be a shame to have gone through all of that with no good stuff to show for it!

Panelists: Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

April 2016: Thriving After Unwanted Sexual Experiences

So many of us have experienced some time of unwanted sexual experience. Jamie and Kelley are going to help us break down some of the junk that comes along with it and discuss the hard stuff. Let's shine some light on shame, anger, confusion, and vulnerability and affirm ways that we can move on while owning our story. 

Panelists: Jamie Brazell, M.Ed, LMFT and Kelley Johnson, Ph.D.

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

March 2016: When Your Sexual Relationship Isn't Sexual Anymore

"The Sexless Marriage", "Lesbian Bed Death"… whatever you call it, relationships can lose their sexual energy.  Sometimes it's by mutual choice, but often it's not. Mixmatched libidos can be found in all relationships, gay, queer or straight. We've got some panelists that are going to help you through this muck. From understanding eroticism, to learning what relationship dynamics might be at play, we'll talk about what's going on. 

Panelists: Chelsea Wakefield, PhD, LCSW, Rebecca Chaplin, LS, MA

Host: Heather Edwards

February 2016: What The Hell Is Tantra? 

Tantra. We know you've heard of it. Are you curious about what it is? Lucky for you we have a couple of tantra expert panelists that want to tell you more about what this is and suggest ways it might be able to make your sex life even better. 

Panelists: Rev. DiAnna Ritola and Debbie Meitz, MD

Host: Heather Edwards

January 2016: Sexual Bodies

Did you know that the clitoris and the penis start as the same structure? Or that there are big similarities between the g-spot and the prostate? How exactly do orgasms work and are there different kinds for female anatomy versus male anatomy? Our very first Vino & Vulvas explored female sexual anatomy, and now we're moving that conversation forward.  

To begin 2016 we're going back to basics, but with a new twist that you won't want to miss. Regardless of what type of anatomy you have or what type of anatomy you enjoy, come on out and learn some cool stuff. 

Panelists: Heather Edwards, PT and Dayton Jacques, RN, MSN, PCCN

Host: Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. 

December 2015: Ask The Sexperts Anything

We're going to end the year by having a big ol' open panel for any questions you have for a group of women who study, research, counsels, and teach about sex for a living. This event is open to everyone, but we'd like to encourage men to attend and get any of their big concerns addressed! So, please, invite your guy friends, partners, or anyone you think might be interested! Questions can all be submitted on paper so that those asking can stay anonymous. It should be a ton of fun! 

Panelists: Rev. DiAnna Ritola, Kelley Johnson, PhD, and Chelsea Wakefield, PhD, LCSW, Jamie Brazell M.Ed, LMFT, Debbie Meitz, MD

Host: Heather Edwards

October 2015: Sex, Love, and Human Connection: A Trans Perspective

This evening, we're going to take some time to discuss some of these themes we've discussed early on in Vino&Vulvas (Body, Mind, and Spirit of Sex), but with a different voice. This time we're going to talk to people who have had experience with the world seeing them as multiple genders during their lives. We're also going to talk about what it's like to have a trans partner. We'll discuss the beauty, the enlightening moments as well as the frustrations and challenges of sex and relationships. For those of you who are trans, or who have trans partners, please come and add to the discussion. For those of you who are cis-gender (identify as the gender that is your biological gender), come on out and see what you can learn by listening to these voices. 

Panelists: Rebecca Chaplin, Dayton Jacques, Zeek Christopoulus, and Rachel Campbell

Host: Heather Edwards

September 2015: Crossing Forbidden Thresholds

Are you hiding? Closets come in all shapes and sizes. It's hard to shine when you're spending so much energy convincing others you are something other than your authentic self. Though some may run into the wild unknown with reckless abandon, for many, it can be brutally difficult to step over that threshold. 

In preparation for Pride as well as Coming Out Day, let's have a talk about the weight of big life decisions and what it takes to step out of your closet… whatever it may be. What are those voices of warning and how do you negotiate with them? Join Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D. and author of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty, and the upcoming book, In Search of Aphrodite and Rev. DiAnna Ritola in a conversation that is sure to make you think, make you laugh, and make you shine a little brighter. 

Panelists: Chelsea Wakefield, Ph.D. and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards

August 2015: Sexting, Online Dating and the Virtual Scene

There are stories of happily ever after, stories of fun, and horror stories when it comes to mixing human connection, sex, and technology. Kelley Wolfe, Ph.D. want to help you figure this out to maximize your results and keep you from doing something horribly embarrassing and regrettable. If you are recently re-entering the dating scene, or have teens that are starting to date, there will be loads of great information that you won't want to miss! 

Panelist: Kelley Wolfe, Ph.D.

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

July 2015: Sneeze Without Leaking and Have Better Sex

Did you know that there's an entire specialty of health care devoted to solving a multitude of sexual issues, fixing urinary leakage (even just though cough and sneeze kind), doing detective work on pelvic pain, alleviating bowel issues, and making sure bladders and uteruses stay put? And they do it all without drugs or surgery! 

Meet your local Pelvic Physical Therapists! Come and hear a lively discussion about all of the unique things that these therapists can do, ask questions, and figure out how to find them when/if you need them. Learn to love your pelvis for all of the amazing things it's always been able to do, but you've likely never known. 

Panelists: Heather Edwards, PT, Founder of Vino&Vulvas and Melanie Sutton, PT, DPT, MHS, GCS, WCS, CLT

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola

June 2015: Breaking Through Binary Gender Language

You know that moment when you don't want to offend someone but you just have no idea how to say what you're trying to say without sounding like an ass? Let's get real about how hard it can be to speak inclusively when we've had so much practice and training with binary (boy/girl) language. Maybe we can come up with some great ideas to make it easier for all of us to make more connections with a greater spectrum of friends and lovers. 

Panelists: Tuesday Feral, genderqueer artist, advocate, and educator; Laurie Pitts, Program Manager for Youth Outright, and Dawson McCoy

Host: Rev. DiAnna Ritola

May 2015: Shades Of Shadows: BDSM, Fantasies, and Feminist Fury

Whether you love it or hate it, Fifty Shades sure brought out some big issues and strong opinions. Come and hear what our experts have to say about this phenomenon (we won't be focusing on the content of the book or movie). We'll work through the themes of healthy BDSM, fantasies, abuse, shadows, and discuss why this series really struck a chord with so many women. 

Panelists: Rebecca Chaplin, LS, MA and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

April 2015: I Thought It Was Just Me… Tales of Sexual Development

Learn how our sexual selves change throughout our lifetime, and laugh about the many "WTF??" moments along the way. Join our panelist, Kelley Wolfe, Ph.D.  with host, Heather Edwards, PT to talk about this wild journey of sexual development.  

A good, collective laugh can be cathartic. In this discussion we'll talk about sexual development and hopefully let you shake off some "Am I normal to have experienced this?!?" worries. 

This talk is also a good one for parents who might want a little insight into how their kiddos are discovering their own bodies in ways that might lead to some awkward discussions. Kelley will help point you in the right direction!

Panelists: Kelley Wolfe, Ph.D. 

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

March 2015: The Sexual Spirit

Do sex and spirituality seem like opposites for you or do they align? Does spirituality come with certain hang ups for you? Maybe you want them to align but it seems a little too awkward to try to get them there. Join us in this discussion of how adding spiritual connection to sex can create opportunities that you might not have considered possible! 

Panelists: Chelsea Wakefield, PhD and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Host: Heather Edwards, PT

February 2015: The Sexual Mind

What turns you on? Is it to be naughty? A good boy or girl? Gaining power? Sexual expression can be an unconscious way of giving voice to different parts of ourselves. This intriguing discussion on "The Sexual Mind" will invite you to have greater awareness and acceptance of your current sexual patterns and explore the possibility of becoming more conscious in getting what you want from sex.

Panelists: Chelsea Wakefield, PhD and Rebecca Chaplin, LS, MA

Moderator: Heather Edwards, PT

January 2015: The Sexual Body

What's the deal with female ejaculation (aka "squirting")? How does a clitoris stack up against a penis on size and nerve endings? How can a vagina accommodate six inches of penetration without the cervix feeling painfully slammed, when the gynecologist can reach that same cervix with a 3 inch finger? Join us for a compelling discussion about the exciting things that vulvas and vaginas do and how to make them work best. Bring your craziest questions for our panelists!

Panelists: Kelley Wolfe, PhD and Rev. DiAnna Ritola

Moderator: Heather Edwards, PT